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Membre du SIPME Syndicat interprofessionnel des praticien en médiation équine

I'm a transpersonal psychotherapist (Jungian approach).

Specialized in art-therapy, equine therapy and life coaching.


I created the therapeutic method Método Kiron ®- Equine assisted Therapy, Coaching and Learning, I teach this approach in Portugal and other countries.


I run my own therapeutic Centre with horses in Portugal: Quinta do cavalo


With my team, we create the non-profit association Association Kiron for the development of human being and Equine



I also write articles and edited two books:

- The horses-therapists, my journey with horses -(In Inglish and Portuguese)) -  Ed.Modocromia

- O feminine reencontrado -Ed Mahatma (Portuguese)

Demontration of Equine assisted Coaching 

TV program"Portugal no Coração"






Founder of Quinta do cavalo Kiron


Quinta do cavalo Kiron is an innovative and unique space in Portugal in which were created two herds of Ponies and Horses that live in freedom. In the daily sessions, they help as co-therapists the humans therapists, coaches and facilitators trained in Method Kiron ®.



Mentor of Kiron Method ® - Psychotherapy, Coaching and Learning assisted by horses


This methodology is vivencial and psico- corporal, it sets the patient (psychotherapy) or the client (coaching) in experiential situation with equines through specific exercises performed on the ground (without riding the horses). The basics of the methodology are based on equine ethology and psychology together with horse mirror and mediator approach.

In certain specific situations, ride the horses might happen but always based on therapeutic purposes.

Since 2009, the Kiron Method ® is a certified training taught at Quinta do cavalo Kiron.

Since 2010, the Kiron Method ® is recognized by the National School of Horsemanship (Portugal - ENE); in 2013, it began to be taught partly in post graduate course in therapeutic  riding purposes (EPAP/ENE).

In 2023, it was taught in Rio de janeiro - Brazil


Creation of Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Center


-Daily Attendance of adults (men and women), couples, families and groups in the area of mental health (psychotherapy) and personal development (life coaching)

-Specific approach for women (feminine archetypes approach) and women's issues.

-Diverse pathologies as depression; addictive behavior such as co-dependence; neuroses, borderline and psychotic issues.


* Humanistic Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Jungian approach of archetypes psychology)

* Art- therapy-sand tray method

* Equine therapy: based on connecting Body/Emotions through Kiron ® method in ground and/or riding on horses if necessary (riding with therapeutic purposes)

*Life Coaching

* Psico-genealogy

* Shamanic approach with Amazonian teaching plant, tobacco sheripiari

* Bush flower Therapy (Australia)



French: spoken and writen

Portuguese: spoken and writen

Spanish: spoken and writen

Inglish: spoken and writen

Italien: basic

Japonese: basic



For more informations. click on the image

To buy the book, please contact us

Equine assisted psychotherapy
with an addict in rehab

Here are some graduations and certifications obtained over these years. I am also self-taught person in many subjects...


* DEUG of Clinical Psychology - University of Paris VIII - France


* Certification in Clinical Psychology- EPC - France.

Monograph in clinical psychology and applied psychology entitled: “The feminine power revealed by Transpersonal Psychology"

* Certification in Junguian Psychology. EPC France


* Diploma in Art therapy - Profac-France

Art-therapy research thesis entitled ' The feminine revealed by Art-therapy'


* Degree in Education and public health - medical University of Nancy-France

Monograph in public health research entitled: "Dengue in Fortaleza-CA-Brazil"


* Diploma in horse therapy (therapeutic horse riding and horse-assisted therapy). Foundation Rancho GG - São Paulo (Brazil)


* Certification in Coaching - Certified Coaches Federation (Lisboa)


* Diploma in psychotherapy, Coaching e Learning assisted by horses (EAGALA) (USA)


* Carolyne Resnick method - horses at liberty(USA)

* Lucy Rees ethology (Spain)


* Psychotherapist Transpersonal  Jungian approach

Training in Jungian psychology - Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)


* Floral therapist (Bush Flowers / Australia)

Sheripiari with teaching plants from Amazon forest- Ashaninca tribe


Former member of the international society of psychopathology of Expression and Art-therapy, Toulouse - France (SIPE)

Member of the Société Française d´equitherapie-Paris-France (SFE)

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